MHGM’s Healthcare Practice Management Model was developed over years  of practice as dedicated primary care for seniors

MH Geriatrics Management creates a better healthcare experience for patients, the professionals who care for them and the people who pay for that care by empowering providers and equipping them to be successful in the value-based, global risk model.

We are Florida’s trusted healthcare practice management MSO providing:

MH Geriatrics Management was founded in 2012 by Dr. Stephen Quaning and Dr. Lisa Pattanayak as a single-specialty management services organization to support geriatric practices. Our sole objective was to provide the necessary non-clinical business support for physicians to stay in private practice. While we were highly successful in our model, we quickly learned that a sustainable strategy was needed if private practice not only survived but also thrived in an ever-changing, complex environment. Our value-based, global risk model supports physicians and their operational teams in a more seamless transition to a psychosocial approach to care. We look forward to expanding our reach as we create meaningful alignments with the top healthcare providers in the nation.


Stephen Quaning, MD, MBA
CEO, MH Geriatrics Management
Medical Director and Chief Physician


Lisa Pattanayak, MD
Practicing Physician


Steve Benton
Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
MH Geriatrics Management


Darlana Wolf, RN, CPC, CDE-O, CRC
Assistant Director CDI Department
MH Geriatrics Management


Jazmin Campos
Associate Director of CDI Department
MH Geriatrics Management


Edna Negron
Director of Program Development
MH Geriatrics Management


Jessica King
Director of Contracting and Members
MH Geriatrics Management


Andrea Spencer
Director of Clinical Services
MH Geriatrics Management


Jeff DiGioia
Vice President of Sales
MH Geriatrics Management


Diane Boodram NHA
Business Development Coordinator
MH Geriatrics Management


Casman Mosby
Director of Sales and Marketing
MH Geriatrics Management


A better healthcare experience for patients

Our approach to healthcare practice management is rooted in integrity and carried out with our Gold Standards for Service.  MHGM is dedicated to providing modern solutions and strategies. Our newest innovation is Customer Analytics Quality and Marketing.

Our health practice management model focuses on empowering physicians and collaborative providers with our value-based, values-driven growth partnership.

By applying the principles of integrity, trust, honesty, respect and commitment, we nurture meaningful alignments that improve the relationship between the patient and provider; achieve better patient outcomes and reduce stressors commonly associated with avoidable physician burnout and/or operational distress.

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We would love to partner and grow your practice! 

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